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Quick View Cosmedix X- Cell+

Cosmedix X- Cell+

A multi-action brightening facial serum Helps gently exfoliate & prep skin for any facial laser treatment, surgical procedure or peel Formulated with Niacinamide to revive skin tone & texture Promotes moisture retention & skin elasticity...
Quick View Societe Refinishing PLUS Complex

Societe Refinishing PLUS Complex

A skin treatment formula designed to aid in the retexturizing of skin through the benefits of retinol & alpha hydroxy acids. Also contains Pigment Regulating Technology (PRT)™ a patent pending delivery system. Benefits: – Works...
Quick View Societe Age Defying Boosting Pads

Societe Age Defying Boosting Pads

An anti-ageing skin enhancer designed to target skin ageing in 9 different ways. Physician inspired anti-ageing treatment containing 60 ply pads. Helps reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles, whilst encouraging rejuvenated and healthy...
Quick View  Societe BLEMISH clarifying complex

Societe BLEMISH clarifying complex

clarifying complex A unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin, this complex targets the key factors that contribute to a variety of challenging skin conditions. Bacteria, oil production, and cellular build-up on the...
Quick View Aspect DR Multi B Plus

Aspect DR Multi B Plus

For impatient perfectionists who want extremely beautiful results FAST! This must-have cosmeceutical serum will virtually turbo-charge your current skin care regime for maximum visible impact. Multi B Plus is an ideal beauty elixir for all skin-serious,...
Quick View Aspect Dr Active C Serum

Aspect Dr Active C Serum

A powerful antioxidant and peptide serum, formulated with Vitamin C to help firm the surface of skin and promote elasticity for a radiant complexion. •  Hydrating serum filled with antioxidants that reduces flushing and help to reveal a...
Quick View Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus

Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus

A refining serum combining the power of Lactic Acid, Lanablue™, and Retinol to smooth skin texture and allow for ultimate absorption of other ingredients. •  Highly effective rejuvenating and exfoliating serum•  Evens skin...
Quick View  Societe REFINISHING complex with PRT

Societe REFINISHING complex with PRT

AHA and Vitamin A complex A breakthrough skin treatment formula designed to aid in skin retexurizing through the benefits of retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and new pigment regulating ingredients. A must for all skin types especially with ageing and...
Quick View Cosmedix Simply Brilliant

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant

About this Product This gentle yet powerful brightening serum creates a more even-toned brilliance without the use of Arbutin or Hydroquinone. Packed with ten skin-specific, plant-based brightening ingredients, Simply Brilliant visibly minimizes the...
Quick View Cosmedix Serum 16

Cosmedix Serum 16

About this Product Containing 16% LG-Retinex—a proprietary GAG-enhanced encapsulation of retinol andretinaldehyde—Serum 16 is the closest thing to prescription-strength age defiance without a prescription. In a six-week...
Quick View Cosmedix Defy

Cosmedix Defy

About this Product Using three, chirally correct AHAs, this calming, all-natural exfoliator delivers nutrients deep into the skin’s layers to refresh and revitalize maturing skin. Safe and effective for all skin types, Defy is especially...
Quick View Cosmedix Define

Cosmedix Define

About this Product A unique blend of gentle acids and 2% of CosMedix's proprietary retinol complex, Define is designed to push the activity of the skin to a very dynamic yet well-tolerated level of remodeling. This powerful vitamin A resurfacing...
Quick View Cosmedix Refine

Cosmedix Refine

About this Product *If you are lactating or pregnant, CosMedix recommends consultation with your physician before using this product. Refine restores life to environmentally damaged skin to reduce signs of premature aging and improve skin...
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