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As your ultimate skin regulator, this vitamin A serum promotes healthy skin renewal, balances oil flow, and addresses visible lines and uneven skin tone. Fortified with liposomally encapsulated retinol, this gentle yet effective serum is ideal for rejuvenating even the most sensitive skin. This is your must-have daily essential for clear, balanced and youthful looking skin.

Key ingredients

Stabilised retinol

Restores dermal thickness by normalising and regulating cell turnover from the basal cell. This leads to  an improved barrier via compact stratum corneumn and more youthful epidermis. Protects skin from UV damage and reduces fine lines through collagen stimulation. It regulates oil levels and aids in the management of acne. Retinoic acid binds to the oil gland receptors to normalise the growth of cells that produce oil (sebocytes) in turn reducing oil gland secretion and oil gland size. Retinal reduces skin hyperpigmentation as it inhibits tyrosinase, which reduces the amount of melanin produced, reduces melanocyte size, melanin clumping, and the action of increased cell turnover reduces pigmented cells from skin surface.

Witch hazel
An excellent natural astringent that reduces inflammation while hydrating and sanitising the skin.