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A step up from your entry-level vitamin A serum (Ultimate A), this powerful serum combines stable, controlled-release retinol and acid-free resurfacing peptide technology to amplify the skin's rejuvenating effects without adding acids.

Delivering a potent dose of 0.4% encapsulated retinol, this formulation reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimises excess oil, balances uneven skin tone, and gently exfoliates to optimise skin cell turnover for clearer, smoother, and more youthful skin.

Key ingredients

 RetiFol 0.4% retinol – ‘Release on Demand’ technology:

The new technology involved in formulating Retifol serum uses a cellulose-based polymer (BHT and BHA free) to safely encapsulate and protect the active retinol.
The Retifol 0.4% retinol formula uses encapsulation ‘Release on Demand’ technology. This keeps the retinol molecules active and protected for maximum shelf life and stability. The active retinol easily releases from the protective cellulose capsule upon the natural massaging skin application process whereby outer microcapsules break down and disintegrate on the skin surface to release the active retinol payload for controlled and continuous delivery to the target cells.

Gentle Peptide Resurfacing Complex:
Synergie Skin has added a gentle peptide resurfacing complex derived from yeast and soy. This complex gently breaks the protein bonds between the skin's surface cells to accelerate the cell shedding process and amplify the beneficial effects of the retinol.

Dimethyl Isosorbide (DMI):
A stability and penetration enhancer used to enable more retinol to be delivered gently to target cells. A sustainable ingredient derived from starch, DMI acts as a carrier and enhances targeted delivery and dwell time of active ingredients to the epidermal and dermal cells. This ingredient serves to amplify the cellular benefits of the active ingredients.

Oat Beta Glucan:
A powerful botanically derived ingredient recommended for reducing fine lines, promoting wound healing, reducing scarring and enhancing the penetration of active ingredients.

Acts as a humectant and an osmoregulatory to control and maintain water balance in the skin. It also counteracts skin irritants and assists in reducing inflammation.