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Your face is often your first impression. Healthy, glowing skin comes not just from beautiful products and treatments, but from feeling good within. At Me Skin and Body, you'll love how you'll feel when you spend a little time at our boutique Beauty Salon in South Yarra. We guarantee you'll leave with a wealth of knowledge and be equiped with everything you need to get your skin on track to radiance.

  • New Client Laser Genesis Offer

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    New Client Laser Genesis Offer

    Cutera Laser Genesis is an effective treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, corrects uneven skin tone and texture, diffuse redness and scars. These results are achieved by gently heating the dermis below the skin’s...

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  • Vitafusion


    This is an express Bespoke Power Treatment that includes a Lactic Peel (strength depends on your skin's needs) and an Active Vitamin Infusion using Sonophoresis tailored to target specific concerns.  

  • High Societé

    High Societé

    Starting with a Deep Cleanse this facial includes a Societe Acai Probiotic Peel, an Active Oxygen Booster, a Peptide Infusion Mask and Neck and Shoulder Massage.  

  • Skin Fitness

    Skin Fitness

    One of our most popular Signature Facials. Includes Dermaplaning, Active Oxygen Booster, Peptide Infusion Mask with a Neck and Shoulder Massage.  

  • Peels from Synergie, Cosmedix, PCA, Lira and Dermaquest

    Peels from Synergie, Cosmedix, PCA, Lira and Dermaquest

    We have a range of clinical peels available to suit many skin concerns and conditions. Prices start from $120 Some popular options are; Synergie Lactic Peel (20-60% Lactic Acid) $120 Cosmedix Blueberry Peel $160 Cosmedix Timeless Peel...

  • Dermaplaning


    Dermaplaning is performed using a sterile surgical blade. The blade is worked over the face removing the outer layers of dead skin cells as well as any fine vellus hair. Ideal for blonde hair that cannot be laser treated, sensitive skin not...

  • Dermafusion


    Our exclusive triple action skin rejuvenation treatment utilizes the power of chemical and physical exfoliation, coupled with the stimulation of microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and specific active infusion.   POLISH - Gentle diamond tips are...

  • Skintervention


    The new face of luxury! This indulgent rejuvenation experience combines the power of 3 modalities. Includes: Enzyme Peel Laser Genesis Dermafrac Skin Needling Skin Perfusion Mask L.E.D Truly the bees knees of treatments that will address almost...

  • Therapist Choice

    Therapist Choice

    We understand that the world of skin treatments can be pretty overwhelming and sometimes it's just easier to be told what you need and lets face it - the outcome will likely be better too if you are guided by an expert! If you are new to the clinic we...

  • ME Bespoke Facial

    ME Bespoke Facial

    Results you can instantly see and feel after just one of these treatments! You'll receive a 20% or 40% Lactic Peel, a beautiful massage, customised serum and mask to treat your concerns. A facial classic in nature with results that are NOW! Add LED for...

  • China Doll Facial

    China Doll Facial

    WHAT SKIN CONDITIONS DOES CHINA DOLL FACIAL TREAT? China Doll Facial targets acne, blackheads, open pores, oiliness, mottled and dull complexions and reduced collagen. It can help to reduce the premature signs of skin ageing. HOW DOES CHINA...

  • Melaclear


    WHAT IS MelaClear MelaClear combines 2 settings of Laser Toning specifically to help reduce patches of darker pigmentation. It is a two-stage process, which helps to break up the areas of darker colour and uneven skin tones, but at the same time...

  • De Age De Stress De Toxify

    De Age De Stress De Toxify

    DeAge DeStress DeToxify  This Facial Treatment Menu leaves nothing to be desired. - Starting with a deep cleanse we then gently peel away those dull dead layers with an Aspect Lactobotanical Peel. - Now that your skin is freshly polished...

  • Laser Genesis

    Laser Genesis

    Laser Genesis is an effective treatment that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone and texture, diffuse redness and scars. These results are achieved by gently heating the dermis below the skin’s surface and stimulating...

  • Redness Relief

    Redness Relief

    If your are concerned with redness, inflammation, rosacea, peri oral dermatitis or just overall reactive and angry skin then this facial is for you. Starting with a deep cleanse to prep we then perform our oxygenation dual mask system to promote...

  • Lira Probiotic Detox Facial

    Lira Probiotic Detox Facial

    This treatment is ideal for those concerned with breakouts, congestion dull and thickened skin. Includes layer upon layer of intensive active masks followed by the Lira Pumpkin Plus Definer Peel which is a potent blend of Pumpkin Enzymes, Retinol,...

  • Blueberry Skinfusion

    Blueberry Skinfusion

    This deluxe treatment includes a deep cleanse, Blueberry Smoothie Peel, Hyaluronic Acid Infusion with Sonophoresis, Nourishing Mask and Neck and Shoulder Massage. Suits all skin types especially dehydrated. Great events...

  • Skin Illumination

    Skin Illumination

    The ultimate Glow facial! Featuring our Oxy Duo layered mask to gently stimulate microcirculation, decongest and sanitise the skin. LED is core to this treatment for its calming and anti inflammatory benefits as well as collagen stimulation. A head or...

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