Cosmedix Elite Serum 24


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Cosmedix Elite is a prescription range. Chat to a therapist via our Chatbot to order.

Unlike standard retinols, Serum 24 is formulated with a patented microencapsulated Retinol Complex that releases slowly into the epidermis, making it suitable for sensitive skin types and those who do not tolerate true retinoids. A potent blend of retinol and retinaldehyde is encapsulated with Squalane and two forms Honeysuckle extract to encourage cellular metabolism and collagen production, resulting in visibly firmer, brighter skin. Serum 24 is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of sun damage, discolouration, deep lines and crow’s feet.

In a six-week clinical study, 88% of users reported noticeably firmer skin, 75% reported less apparent wrinkles and over 90% reported brighter-looking skin.

Comprising of a slow release retinol and retinaldehyde, Serum 24 helps to drastically reduce the appearance of both fine lines and deep-set wrinkles while boosting epidermal water levels; resulting in a smoother, firmer, more plump and youthful radiance with a reduction in discolouration and deep-set lines.