Raising your brows in all the right ways - Feather Touch is here

Ladies lacking in the brow department, bow down - Feather touch tattooing has landed at Me Skin and Body!

With big, full brows back on the menu many of us are cursing once again our decision to pluck away that natural beautiful arch in the 90s and early 00s. Thankfully Feather touch offers a solution for you to put down your powder or pencil and wake up brow ready.

Unlike conventional tattooing, feather touch fills your brows with a delicate row of needs that place pigment exactly where it’s needed, in a way that mimics natural hairs. Our brow artist Brooke shapes your brows to your wants and face shape, so no stencils or ‘one size fits all’ mentality here - Each application is bespoke and uses a range of pigments to look as natural as possible. As the dye requires multiple applications to an area, the artist is always in control, making it nearly impossible to misplace or make a mistake.

As everyones skin is different, the results will vary person to person depending how pigment takes, which means your experience is completely tailored to you. With a 4 - 6 week follow up appointment, your results will be adjusted and perfected, ensuring your results look as natural as possible.

What about the bad bits, like pain and healing? No need to worry - A numbing cream is applied to your brow area before hand, so no discomfort is felt, just mere sensation. Aftercare is simple and straightforward like any tattoo - Apply a barrier cream, which our artist will brief you on, to keep the area clean and healing nicely. Expect a little bit of itchiness and possibly some scabbing.

Feather touch brows are an investment. While a higher priced item, they last for 12 - 18 months before requiring a touch up. Imagine all that time with perfect brows as soon as you wake up, no product or money needed!

As an exclusive intro offering, the first 10 Me Skin and Body clients to book in will receive their brow makeover for $490, usually $690. Be quick - 9827 9181