Some beauty trends are definitely left to the professionals, and this is one of them. Dermaplaning – the act of using a blade or razor to remove the fine hairs of the face – is more than a trend for many women with darker body hair, and those looking to perfect their canvas for flawless makeup application. Beyond flawless application, regular exfoliation leads to younger looking skin, the reason why many dermatologists agree that men appear to age better if they are regular shavers.

While Me Skin and Body commits itself to customized peels and chemical exfoliants to suit individuals, some clients may have skin so sensitized that the interruption to pH levels causes inflammation, meaning the treatment cannot work as effectively as we would like. Being a mechanical exfoliant, Dermaplaning removes this chance of inflammation while also removing fine hairs that contribute to a ‘fluffy’ face when foundation is applied. Using a specialized blade – not your boyfriends bic! – we can carefully and gently glide the tool along the contours of the face to create an exfoliated and refreshed complexion without unsightly hairs.

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