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We understand that the world of skin treatments can be pretty overwhelming and sometimes it's just easier to be told what you need and lets face it - the outcome will likely be better too if you are guided by an expert!

If you are new to the clinic we recommend booking for this option and we will then conduct a thorough and complimentary (you're welcome) skin analysis and suggest treatment options for you on the day.

Factors we will consider are:

Skin condition

Your main concerns

Your current homecare regime (so we know how prepped you are for active treatments)

Your budget

History of allergies/ sensitivities etc


Upcoming events

Even our very regular clients often opt for this as they trust us to make the best choice to suit their needs at each visit.

Get in touch to book a Therapists Choice Facial - We will do all the hard work while you reap the GLOW!

Prices starting from $150