Peels from Cosmedix, Aspect, PCA, Societe Lira and Dermaquest


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We have a range of clinical peels available to suit many skin concerns and conditions.

Some popular options are;

Aspect Lactobotanical Peel (20-60% Lactic Acid) $110

Societe Acai Probiotic Peel (15-30% acid blend) $110

Cosmedix Blueberry Peel $160

Cosmedix Timeless Peel $200

Cosmedix Benefit Peel $200

Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel $300

Dermaquest Peptide Peel $140

PCA Pigment Perfecting Peel $140 (for 1 layer. extra $20 per extra layer)

Lira Vitabrite Peel $140

Lira Pumpkin Plus Definer $140

Most of our peels do require some prepping so it is advisable to schedule a skin consultation (free with a treatment) to get expert advise on which option is best for your particular concerns and how to ensure your achieve the best results.