Aquapure Hydrofusion


What is Aquapure Hydrofusion?

AQUAPURE is a non-invasive treatment that delivers clearer, more hydrated, refreshed and younger-looking skin.

The treatment uses three different solutions: for exfoliation, sebum control and collagen production. This three-step treatment cleanses, refreshes and adds moisture and volume to the skin. 

Is AQUAPURE Hydrofusion right for me?

AQUAPURE Hydrofusion is ideal for all skin types. It targets uneven skin tone, oily/congested pores, dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Its treatment programs boost skin elasticity, and deliver nutrient-rich solutions to all layers of the skin.

How long does an AQUAPURE Hydrofusion facial take?

AQUAPURE facials take approximately 30 minutes. There is no downtime or recovery time.

Are there any side effects?

Minor side effects, though rare, may include temporary redness or swelling. These can last from 1-2 hours to a few days following treatment. However, this treatment is a great way to rejuvenate your skin with non-invasive, non-ablative methods.

Powerful deep-cleaning facial for hydrated and glowing skin

Exfoliation & extraction

Relaxing & rejuvenating direct serum infusion

Deluxe option includes Electroporation with Peptides and Microcurrent Lifting Treatment $350

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