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Revitalize, repair and restore your skin to optimal health with this layered home facial kit which includes a FULL SIZED ASPECT PROBIOTIC MASK

Suits all skin types. Great for dull, dry, impaired, oily and congested skins.

Kit includes:

1 x Jar Pure Enzymes

1 x Jar Oxygen Catalyst

1 x Jar Oxygen Activator

1 x Full Size Aspect Probiotic Mask

1 x Societe Peptide Eye Mask


Double cleanse your skin using a gentle foaming cleanser

Dispense contents of Pure Enzymes (orange) onto fingers and massage into the skin.

Leave on up to 10 minutes avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. Flushing and tingling is normal.

Rinse thoroughly.

Apply the contents of Oxygen Catalyst (white cream) to the skin with fingertips and massage gently in circular motions ensuring an even application.

Apply the Oxygen Activator (clear liquid) over the top. Massage until a warm foam forms then leave on the skin up to 10 minutes.

Mild tingling and flushing is normal.

Rinse thoroughly 1-2 times with cool water and face washers then blot skin with a tissue ensuring all residue is removed.

Apply Probiotic Mask over the face and leave on overnight or remove after 15-20 minutes and follow with moisturiser.

Remove eye mask after 15 minutes

Wearing SPF daily is essential to protect the skin after treatment