Luxe C3 Cocktail


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The new face of luxury!


This indulgent rejuvenation experience brings together the power of the three skincare C's: Vitamin C, Collagen and Copper Peptides.

This indulgent rejuvenation experience starts with our signature Purity Cleansing Ritual that will draw out the deepest impurities leaving your skin ready for the next step.
A carefully selected gentle Acai Berry Peel is then applied to stimulate your skin's natural elimination processes whilst infusing it with much needed vitamin c and antioxidants.
Let's not forget your eyes. The windows to the soul. Our Peptide Eye Mask will refresh plump and restore their sparkle.
An intensive Vitamin C infusion stimulates collagen and brightens dark spots to promote a healthy radiance from within.
Finish with a divine Face Neck and Decolletage Massage and Copper Peptide Serum to seal the deal.