Dermafrac Micro Channeling


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What is it and how will it benefit me?

DermaFrac creates micro-channels to the Dermal-Epidermal junction while simultaneously infusing topicals to this all-important tissue layer. The vacuum pulls the skin into contact with hundreds of micro-needles that painlessly penetrate through the epidermis and into the upper dermis (papillary layer).

The micro-channels create pathways for introducing the infusion solution into the area of the skin that is most beneficial to the natural rejuvenating process. The depth of the needles has been carefully selected so that the channels are created just below the dermal-epidermal (DE) junction and just above capillaries and nerve endings. This ensures no bleeding or pain

Vacuum-assisted occlusion places the skin under tension for a pain-free treatment. More importantly, it assists the needle tips to penetrate uniformly to maximize the delivery of the topical infusion solutions into the papillary dermis.

An alternative to fractional laser treatments, DermaFrac offers the added benefit of active infusion of topicals without anesthesia and at a lower cost.

By combining precisely calibrated needle penetration and unprecedented infusion capability, DermaFrac takes infusion technology to a whole new level.

This treatment is ideal for ageing skin with slackened elasticity that is lacking firmness. Pigmentation/ Melasma responds extremely well to Dermafrac with Lightening Infusion and scarring will appear smoother and be retextured after a series of treatments.

Dermafrac (Treatment includes light microdermabrasion if suitable and LED light therapy to promote healing)