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Quick View Cosmedix Define

Cosmedix Define

About this Product A unique blend of gentle acids and 2% of CosMedix's proprietary retinol complex, Define is designed to push the activity of the skin to a very dynamic yet well-tolerated level...
Quick View Cosmedix Defy

Cosmedix Defy

About this Product Using three, chirally correct AHAs, this calming, all-natural exfoliator delivers nutrients deep into the skin’s layers to refresh and revitalize maturing skin. Safe and...
Quick View Cosmedix Detox Mask

Cosmedix Detox Mask

Don’t let pollution ruin your skin. Detox from daily grime that can accelerate the visible signs of aging. This activated charcoal and kaolin clay-based mask helps draw out impurities from the...
Quick View Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide

Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide

Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide Serum A unique blend of sixteen powerful antioxidants and peptide amino acids aid in the protection of free radical damage while helping to dramatically improve the look of...
Quick View Cosmedix Elite Serum 24

Cosmedix Elite Serum 24

Unlike standard retinols, Serum 24 is formulated with a patented microencapsulated Retinol Complex that releases slowly into the epidermis, making it suitable for sensitive skin types and those who...
Quick View Cosmedix Glow Mask

Cosmedix Glow Mask

Don't let anything dull your glow. This brightening mask helps improve the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone by exfoliating away dead surface skin with bamboo stem extracts. The gentle...
Quick View Cosmedix Purity Solution

Cosmedix Purity Solution

Containing a nutrient-rich blend of olive, moringa, kukui, safflower, sesame and argan oils, Purity Solution works to gently break down dirt, excess oil and impurities while nourishing the skin with...
Quick View Cosmedix Reboot

Cosmedix Reboot

Reboot Overnight Hydration Complex is a probiotic-packed, luxurious night serum that works to balance, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. Wake up to a...
Quick View Cosmedix Refine

Cosmedix Refine

About this Product *If you are lactating or pregnant, CosMedix recommends consultation with your physician before using this product. Refine restores life to environmentally damaged skin to...
Quick View Cosmedix Serum 16

Cosmedix Serum 16

About this Product Containing 16% LG-Retinex—a proprietary GAG-enhanced encapsulation of retinol andretinaldehyde—Serum 16 is the closest thing to prescription-strength...
Quick View Cosmedix X- Cell+

Cosmedix X- Cell+

A multi-action brightening facial serum Helps gently exfoliate & prep skin for any facial laser treatment, surgical procedure or peel Formulated with Niacinamide to revive skin tone & texture...
Quick View Cosmedix X-Age

Cosmedix X-Age

An age-defying moisturizer loaded with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to improve the skin's appearance and diminish the visible signs of aging, including fine lines and...
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