Aspect Lactobotanical Peel


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What are peels?

A peel removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh, undamaged skin underneath. A peel can be done on the face, chest, back, top of the hands, arms and legs. Peels come in various concentrations. There are many different peels available at Me Skin and Body to treat a variety of skin concerns.

How do Lactic acid peels differ from other chemical peels?

Lactic acid peels are gentle and non-toxic to skin cells and are more of a superficial peel. They require minimal to no prepping depending on the strength of the peel being performed. They promote natural moisturisation of the skin and aid in the elimination of pigmentation and sun damaged skin. Lactic acid peels can also be used to strengthen a skin with an impaired barrier function and are also a very gentle way of treating inflammatory acne conditions. They do not require any downtime or long recovery periods as seen with some Chemical peels.